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Travan 40GB Tape Cartridge

Imation Travan 40GB Tape CartridgeWith storage capacities ranging from 400MB native to 40GB compressed, the complete line of Imation Travan™ Tape Cartridges provide scalability and reliability to meet your business' essential data storage requirements.

Travan 40GB Data Cartridges offer up to 40GB storage capacity and 4MB/second data transfer (compressed).

Imation Travan Data Cartridges:

Travan 40GB—Designed for the Certance (Seagate) TapeStor Travan 40GB and Hornet 40 drives, with 40GB of capacity and a 4MB/second transfer rate (compressed).
Travan NS20 (20GB)—For use in NS20 compatible drives from Seagate, HP, IBM, Tandberg, and Tecmar, with 20GB capacity and 2MB/second transfer rate (compressed).
Travan NS8 (8GB)—For use in NS8 compatible drives from Seagate, AIWA, Exabyte, HP, IBM, Tandberg, and Tecmar, with 8GB capacity and 1.2MB/second transfer rate (compressed).
We also offer Travan 3, Travan 4, and Travan 5 cartridges for older model drives.
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Imation, based in Oakdale, Minnesota, is a global technology corporation that describes itself as a global scalable storage and data security company. The company has three core elements:

  • Traditional Storage (magnetic tape and optical products)
  • Secure and Scalable Storage (data backup, data archive and data security solutions designed for small and medium businesses)
  • Audio and Video Information solutions and products
Imation was started in 1996, when 3M spun out its data storage business.