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5500 Series Switches

Cisco 5500

Cisco 5500 Series Switches 5500The Cisco Catalyst 5500 Series consists of the following multilayer switching systems:

Catalyst 5500
The Catalyst 5500 is a high-end modular switching platform that provides the scalability, flexibility, and redundancy required for building large, switched intranets and can be used in both wiring closet and backbone applications. It has 13 slots and a gigabit Ethernet-ready architecture that scales to more than 50 Gbps and throughput of tens of millions of packets or cells per second (pps).

Catalyst 5505
The Catalyst 5505 is a high-performance, 5-slot chassis for the evolving Catalyst 5500 Series. It combines the size of the original Catalyst 5000 with the performance boost and added features of the Catalyst 5500. The Catalyst 5505 is ideal for high-performance wiring closets and data applications.

Catalyst 5509
The Catalyst 5509 has 9 slots and is ideally suited for both wiring closet and backbone applications. As a low cost wiring closet solution, the Catalyst 5509 supports high density, dedicated Token Ring or 10/100/1000 ethernet switching. The Catalyst 5509 can support high density switching with only a 15 Amp circuit requirement, allowing for easy installation in most wiring closet environments. The Catalyst 5509 also supports all of Cisco`s advanced features for the wiring closet, such as automatic protocol broadcast filtering to conserve valuable bandwidth, intelligent multicast forwarding to handle multimedia traffic, and load balancing over redundant links.
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