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STK FLX210/240/280/380

Power Supply 350W

STK FLX210/240/280/380 Power Supply 350W
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Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek or STK), also know as STC until about 1983, is a data storage technology company. Current StorageTek products focus on tape backup equipment and software to manage storage systems. New products include data retention systems, which they call information lifecycle management, or ILM. Now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation and referred to as Oracle StorageTek, StorageTek was headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, United States with manufacturing facilities in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Fast access is at the heart of StorageTeks FlexLine 200 Series and 300 Series storage systems. These flexible, modular systems are built for transaction-intensive operations that require both high performance and top value for a wide variety of applications.

The FLX380 storage system is the newest addition to StorageTeks FlexLine family, providing unprecedented performance in a family of industry-leading technology. The FLX380 storage system integrates 4-gigabit-per-second Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity, high-performance FC or high-capacity Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives and powerful storage management to produce StorageTeks highest performing solution.

The FLX280 storage system is a full, end-to-end 2-gigabit Fibre Channel storage solution that can support up to 16 arrays. Leveraging the power and flexibility of SANtricity software suite for FlexLine 200 Series and 300 Series storage systems, the FLX280 can be configured
in any combination of high-performance Fibre Channel or high-density ATA drives and is supported in all major Windows and UNIX environments.

The FLX210 is a full, end-to-end 2-gigabit storage solution that supports all major Windows and UNIX environments. A scalable solution, the FLX210 integrates up to 14 SATA drives into the controller module and supports up to seven arrays. With StorageTeks drive intermix capability, theses arrays can be either Fibre Channel or SATA.