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Sun StorageTek VolSafe Media Technology

Sun Sun StorageTek VolSafe Media TechnologyHighlights

Permanently write-protect valuable corporate data
Address regulatory requirements and business continuity with VolSafe secure media technology. It was designed to permanently write and protect data.

Reduce cost of ownership
Since T10000, T9840, and T9940B tape drives are VolSafe-technology-capable, you simply purchase VolSafe technology tape cartridges, just like you would any other media. You do not have to invest in other hardware, simply purchase VolSafe technology tape cartridges.

Simplify media management
For current Sun StorageTek tape library customers, VolSafe technology requires no additional hardware, staff, or special operating procedures.

Improve user access
Automated VolSafe technology solutions provide customers stymied by manual archive policies with easy and fast data access.

Improve asset utilization
VolSafe technology media can be managed in a library concurrently with non-VolSafe technology media and even non-9840 or non-9940 media.
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Sun Microsystems, Inc. was a company that sold computers, computer components, computer software, and information technology services. On January 27, 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle Corporation. In 1987, the company began using SPARC, a RISC processor architecture of its own design, in its computer systems, starting with the Sun-4 line. SPARC was initially a 32-bit architecture (SPARC V7) until the introduction of the SPARC V9 architecture in 1995, which added 64-bit extensions. Since 2010, all further development of Sun machines based on SPARC architecture (including new Oracle SPARC T-series servers, SPARC T3 and T4 chips) is done as a part of Oracle Corporation hardware division. The Java platform was developed at Sun in the early 1990s. Sun sold its own storage systems to complement its system offerings; it has also made several storage-related acquisitions. On June 2, 2005, Sun announced it would purchase Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek).