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TimberWolf 9740

Storagetek TimberWolf 9740With its ability to store up to 30 terabytes of uncompressed data in a small footprint and its support for advanced management tools, the StorageTek® TimberWolf® 9740 tape library is ready for the storage complexities of large, multiplatform environments. It is ideal for applications ranging from e-commerce and data warehousing to broadcasting and complex imaging.

Spec Summary

Number of cartridge slots: 326 or 494 (with expansion door) 1-6 LSMs

Number of tape drives / types: 1-10 T9840, T9940, DLT 7000 and/or DLT 4000 or 1-4 or 2-4 TimberLine 9490

Supported host platforms: All major operating systems
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