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L-Series L700 L700e

Storagetek L-Series L700 L700eUnparalleled flexibility
The L700e library provides concurrent support for multiple tape drive technologies and multiple cartridge types, so you never have to change tape slots, software or robotics.

Faster backup, restore, archiving
With a maximum dual-frame configuration, the L700e library moves data at rates as high 5.04 terabytes per hour. This dramatic throughput helps you accelerate backup, restore and archiving.

Unlimited access
The L700e library has a native two-gigabit Fibre Channel optical interface. Combine it with the StorageTek native two-gigabit Fibre Channel T9840 and T9940 tape drives and you have an all-Fibre solution to speed data access.

Increased capacity
A unique pass-through-port (PTP) enables you to connect two L700e tape libraries, allowing expansion to 1,344 cartridges slots, essentially doubling your capacity.

Mixed-media support
Support of concurrent multiple tape drive technologies let you put the right data on the right device at the right cost. Tape drive technologies include StorageTek T9840 and T9940 drives, as well as LTO Ultrium Gen 1 and 2, SDLT.

A SAN-ready solution, the L700e library provides two-gigabit Fibre Channel connectivity and support for dynamic world wide naming (dWWN) for the library and Fibre Channel drives.

4D robotics, digital vision system
To keep information moving, the fast 4D robotics and digital vision system let all applications read and write simultaneously, with more than 450 cartridge exchanges per hour.

Remote management capabilities
Effective library management is performed through a choice of the StorageTek Library Management System (HLMS) software or the StorageTek ACSLS Manager™ software.

Number of cartridge slots
Single frame: 216, 384, 678 Dual frame: Up to 1,344 Plus 12 slots for diagnostic and cleaning cartridges Number of tape drives, types

Single frame:
1-12 T9840 and T9940 tape drives 1-20 LTO Ultrium, SDLT and DLT 8000 drives

Dual frame:
1-24 T9840 and T9940 tape drives 1-40 LTO Ultrium, SDLT and DLT 8000 drives
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