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Scalar i500

Quantum Scalar i500Scalar i500 Series Overview

Quantum’s Scalari500 is the intelligent library platform that gives growing midrange storage environments faster, easier, and more reliable data protection. The Scalar i500 combines modular design with continuous robotics to provide industry-leading scalability, performance, and reliability.

iPlatform architecture and iLayer management approach integrates intelligent management into the library Proactive monitoring and remote diagnostics can reduce service calls 50% and shorten resolution time by 30% Combines flexible, modular architecture with a single, continuous robotics system for enhanced scalability, performance, and reliability Streamlined expansion and capacity-on-demand growth lets library easily expand with data Native SMI-S support allows direct management by leading SRM tools, including EMC® ControlCenter™ Designed to integrate easily with leading disk backup solutions


Designed with Quantum's iPlatform architecture and iLayer management approach, the Scalar i500 makes backup easier to manage. Its proactive monitoring and remote diagnostics can reduce service calls by 50% and shorten issue resolution times by 30%. Its capacity-on-demand scalability lets it grow non-disruptively with users' data. And the Scalar i500 is designed to integrate easily with disk backup making it the perfect library for next-generation backup architectures. With the Scalar i500, IT managers can be assured they will have reliable, high-performance backup, certain restores, and effective long term protection for years into the future, no matter how their storage needs evolve.

The Scalar i500 management features were designed with midrange backup needs in mind. Its user-friendly setup wizards make it simple to install. Its partitioning, remote monitoring, and automated diagnostics make it easy to operate and maintain. And its native support for Storage Resource Management (SRM) tools using the SMI-S interface standard means users can include Scalar i500 libraries, even those in remote locations, within their managed storage environments along with their disk and fabric resources.

The Scalar i500 offers industry-leading RAS features designed to meet the availability requirements of the most demanding midrange data centers. Hot swap drives are standard on all models. A full 2N power option protects the library and all drives from any single point of failure in the power system. The library's capacity-on-demand scalability provides non-disruptive growth, its flexible design makes it easy for users to add new modules, and its single, continuous robotics system provides fast, reliable cartridge transfer under the widest possible range of conditions.

To protect and secure your valuable data, Quantum Encryption Key Manager (Q-EKM) can be enabled on the Scalar i500 to provide administrators with a solution to encrypt backup data written to LTO-4 tapes. Q-EKM is an enterprise proven, easy-to-use, solution for managing encryption keys across multiple Quantum libraries. The Q-EKM application operates out of the data path for maximum flexibility and performance to manage the encryption keys used as part of the LTO-4 drive-based data encryption process. More information on Q-EKM can be found by downloading the Q-EKM data sheet.

The Scalar i500 combines modular scalability with single-robotics simplicity, reliability and performance.

Midrange intelligent library platform
Scales from 36 to 402 slots
Up to 18 drives
Up to 643TB capacity
Supports LTO-4 and LTO-3 technology
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