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Scalar i2000

Quantum Scalar i2000The Scalar i2000 library features Quantum’s iPlatform architecture and integral iLayer management software which gives end users an unmatched level of control over the backup process. iPlatform provides a server-class main controller, distributed control processors, and I/O blades, all linked by an embedded communications area network.

The iLayer management software dramatically improves the manageability of the enterprise backup process by integrating advanced diagnostics services, library resource management, and I/O management inside the library.
A common iLayer management software approach extends across Quantum’s iPlatform tape libraries and disk-based backup products, enabling end users to transition easily to next-generation backup solutions.

The Scalar i2000 proactively checks the data paths between all hosts and each drive in the library to ensure that the entire system—including fabric connections—is ready to perform the backup. Its performance optimization technology delivers the highest possible drive performance within a SAN, and its blade-based I/O management unit aggregates drive connections, reducing switch port and cabling requirements by up to 75%.

The Scalar® i2000 intelligent enterprise library uses its exclusive iPlatform™ architecture and integral iLayer™ management software to reduce the time users spend managing backup, cut the need for service calls by 50%, and shorten issue resolution time by 30%.

Integrates advanced management functions inside the library for more effective management of the backup process Designed to support integration with leading disk-based solutions I/O blade architecture for faster, more reliable SAN operation and reduced switch port requirements Integrated SMI-S allows the library to be managed through standard SRM tools, including EMC ControlCenter™ Drive utilization and media integrity analysis tools for advanced library resource management and diagnostics Advanced scalability with rack–compatible capacity–on–demand growth

The Scalar i2000 is designed to meet the rigors of high-duty-cycle data center operations and to support the integration of next-generation disk-based backup solutions. In addition, its form factor was carefully designed to provide maximum density, flexibility, and utilization of physical resources in enterprise data centers. Its use of a standard 19-inch rack form factor provides easy space planning and simple integration into data center environments. The Scalar i2000 offers ultra high density of 746 cartridges per square meter and has the highest media import/export capability, offering up to 192 LTO bulk loading slots in one library.

An intelligent library for the enterprise An intelligent library for the
Scales from 100 to 3,492 slots
Up to 96 drives
Up to 5.6PB capacity
Supports LTO-4, LTO-3, SDLT 600, or DLT-S4 technology
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