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Pathlight VX 650

Quantum Pathlight VX 650Quantum’s Pathlight® VX 650 is the scalable enterprise backup and restore solution that integrates disk and tape in a single, unified system. Pathlight VX 650 starts by leveraging SATA disk arrays to double users’ backup performance and give it RAID reliability. Then it integrates the capacity and value of tape to deliver true enterprise scalability and disaster recovery support.

Enterprise disk-based backup and restore solution designed to increase the reliability and performance of your most difficult backup jobs

Integrates the performance and reliability of disk with the capacity and value of tape in a single unified solution

Disk-to-tape data movement is integrated—no negative impact on your servers or SAN

Exports media under backup software control in native application format for flexible disaster recovery

Integrated solution provides lower total ownership costs

Presents disk-based backup system as virtual tape library—preserves user’s investment in existing backup processes

Embedded data management policies balance service levels with value and provide backup data life cycle management

Supports Quantum Scalar ®, Sun/StorageTek L-Series, and IBM 3584 libraries to preserve users’ investment


The Pathlight VX 650’s embedded path to tape and policy-based management options let users balance their recovery service-level objectives with value and provide backup data life cycle management choices that no conventional library or disk backup system can offer. Pathlight VX 650 integrates easily into existing data protection environments so users know their backup will be fast and certain and their data protection investment will be preserved.

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