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Quantum LTO-3ALTO-3A Overview

Quantum's Pro Video “A Series” – now including the LTO-3 Drive -- are the first data tape solutions enhanced for professional video and today’s file-based workflows. This revolutionary data tape storage solution combines the well established benefits of data tape archiving with video tape convenience and accessibility.The LTO-3 A-Series product is a scalable archive solution that offers 400 GB of removable networked storage and a tape-based file system that is content aware for MXF files.

Each 400 GB tape cartridge holds more than 7 hours of 100 Mb/sec HD content and carries its own file system directory, allowing direct drag and drop access by standard Web browsers and FTP clients on multiple OS platforms. With built-in Gigabit Ethernet capability, the LTO-3 A-Series drive is network-attached, permitting direct access by workstations and servers on standard IT networks. Being content aware for MXF files enables video tape-like access to subclips by timecode and fast access to metadata stored on the tape.

The Ultrium 3 Data Cartridge offers a 30 year tape archive life to protect professional video assets. With a native transfer rate of 68MB/secthat allows faster-than-real-time transfer rates of up to 544 Mb/sec.

LTO-3 A-Series Product Information

Features and Benefits

Flexible - The tape based file system of the LTO-3 A-Series drive includes a file system on the tape, which enables easy access to content and files on each cartridge in a disaster recovery scenario.. Traditional video archiving uses proprietary management software which dictates that tapes must remain locked in a library system in order to restore any data. Quantum's Ultrium 3 cartridges are free from this constraint - they can be easily moved between libraries, stand-alone drives and even video facilities. With this flexibility, the LTO-3 A-Series drive is ideal for serving the full range of video applications -- from hand-carrying video content out to a truck for live production to a facility-wide, long-term, secure archive.

Easy to Deploy - With its included gigabit Ethernet interface and built-in FTP, the LTO-3 A-Series drive can be easily attached to any network where it becomes accessible to workstations and servers through Windows Explorer and standard browsers. The system can be used in table-top configurations as well asthe Superloader3A Autoloadeer.

Secure Yet Accessible - Quantum's Ultrium 3 data cartridges have a robust 30-year archival life that ensures the longevity of precious video content. At the same time, the LTO-3 A-Series solution is an ideal for archiving content because files are easily accessible."

Unmatched Performance and Capacity - At a native 68MB/s, data transfer is many times faster than real time, even in HD. At a native capacity of 400 GB per tape, a single tape can accommodate more than seven hours of 100 Mb/s HD content.

Cost-Effective - In addition to its file-based, faster-than-real-time access to HD, SD and data assets, the LTO-3 A-Series is a much more cost-effective storage solution than video tape.

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