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Hitachi TagmaStore Workgroup Modular Storage (WMS)

Hitachi/HDS Hitachi TagmaStore Workgroup Modular Storage  (WMS)As an entry point to our new midrange systems line, the SATA-based Hitachi TagmaStore® Workgroup Modular Storage model WMS100 offers high capacity, easy-to-install data storage ideal for small and midsized business (SMBs). The WMS100 provides the foundation for Application Optimized Storage™ solutions, matching requirements for the cost-effective scalability and performance in a small footprint while maintaining the reliability edge provided by renowned Hitachi engineering. Example: Businesses deploying a first SAN are able to move from inefficient and costly server-internal or server-attached storage to a centralized, easy-to-manage configuration. Or those with fast-growing Microsoft Exchange or database applications can quickly catch up and keep pace.

For larger companies, the WMS100 complements the Hitachi TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage, Universal Storage Platform, and Network Storage Controller in tiered storage deployments that require common management tools, nearline backup, and data movement for data lifecycle management applications.

Scales to more than 50TB SATA raw capacity
In-system snapshots, backup, and hot-swappable components to avoid downtime and data loss
RAID-6 dual parity striping improves availability and ensures reliable RAID group rebuild
Cache partitioning to optimize application performance
512 virtual ports with Host Storage Domains and 512 LUNs for concurrent support of heterogeneous open systems environments
Easy-to-use utilities for configuration and management
Integrates seamlessly with Hitachi storage systems, managed with a single set of tools using HiCommand® Suite software
Virtually all Hitachi software products run identically on Hitachi modular models as on Hitachi enterprise storage systems
Supports Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NAS options
Hi-Track® "call home" service/remote maintenance tool

First SAN deployment with SAN starter solutions
Plug-and-play SAN Kits compatible with Microsoft Simple SAN
Microsoft Exchange
ERP and CRM systems with an SMB workload (as many as 200 concurrent users)
Database applications with moderate workload characteristics
Collaborative file-access applications requiring NAS
Nearline disk-to-disk backup and tape replacement
Archival and long-term tamperproof data retention to meet regulatory compliance
Tiered storage deployment with Universal Storage Platform or Network Storage Controller
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