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Hitachi TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS)

Hitachi/HDS Hitachi TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage  (AMS)Hitachi TagmaStore® Adaptable Modular Storage models AMS1000, AMS500, and AMS200 deliver the best price/performance, availability and best-in-class scalability in the modular storage market space! Leveraging many high-end features such as cache partitioning and RAID-6, the AMS200 and AMS500 are ideal for any small and midsized businesses requiring high-availability and high-performance solutions in a small footprint. The AMS1000, is ideal for midsized and larger businesses.

Scales from under 1TB to over 200TB SATA and Fibre Channel Intermix (raw capacity)
Upgradeable, data-in-place growth from AMS200 to AMS500 to AMS1000
Supports Plug-and-play SAN Kits compatible with Microsoft Simple SAN
Dual-protocol support Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or NAS (AMS1000 only)

No single point-of-failure, all dual-controller models fully redundant
Major components hot-swappable
Supports in-system volume backups and snapshots
Remote site replication (AMS500 and AMS1000)
Supports RAID-6 dual parity for highest reliability
RAID-5, RAID-1 and RAID-1+ also supported
Hi-Track® "call home" service/remote maintenance tool

High Performance
Cache partitioning to optimize application performance
Allows up to 1024 virtual ports with Host Storage Domains and 4096 LUNs for concurrent support of large heterogeneous open systems environments
Supports 4Gbit/sec host Fibre Channel connections (standard on AMS500 and AMS1000, optional on AMS200)

Easy to Manage
Includes easy-to-use utilities for configuration and management
Integrates seamlessly with Hitachi storage systems, managed with a single set of tools using HiCommand Suite software
Virtually all Hitachi software products run identically on Hitachi modular models and on Hitachi enterprise storage system

Application Storage Optimize™ solutions
Ideal for:
o Storage consolidation, storage area network (SAN) or network attached storage (NAS)
o Microsoft environments
o Databases

Tiered Storage in a Single Rack
Fibre Channel and SATA intermix
Serves as backend storage for Hitachi TagmaStore® Network Storage Controller or Universal Storage Platform
Logical Volume Migration (available late 2006)
o Reduced total cost of ownership, grows with your business, easy to manage
o Ensures business continuity
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