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Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100

Hitachi/HDS Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100, a simple and reliable solution for SMBs, offers enterprise-class storage features with complete data protection solutions. Simple Modular Storage 100 is ideal for businesses looking for storage systems that are easy to manage, easy to grow, and easy to integrate with applications such as Microsoft® Windows and others common to the SMB marketplace.

The solution can be installed in minutes. No storage expertise is required. The platform enables simple installation and includes configuration wizards, easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) storage management software and powerful—yet simple—snapshot copy software deployment. Optional remote copy software is also available.

With Simple Modular Storage 100, Hitachi Data Systems delivers market leading availability, performance and uncompromised reputation for reliability. Advanced self-healing features, coupled with a RAID-6 (dual parity) configuration, protect your most important information assets. Simple Modular Storage 100 is engineered to run nondisruptively for several years without onsite maintenance.

It is also ideal for workgroup or departmental storage needs. Unlike the competition, this cost effective platform offers enterprise-class features designed for simplicity, ease of management,

High Availability: Simple Modular Storage offers storage with no single point of failure using RAID-6 configuration for non-disruptive operation. RAID-6 configuration ensures data will not be lost even in the unlikely event that two drives can fail at the same time.

Simple Maintenance and Recovery:
Should a disk drive fail, Hitachi Simple Modular Storage will continue to operate as if nothing happened. The easy-to-use Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2 will notify you that a drive has malfunctioned and direct you to contact the support center, which will send a replacement.

Built-in Data Protection:
Data protection tasks are simplified with a point-and-click, graphical user interface or GUI-based Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot software. This software quickly replicates volume changes via point-in-time snapshots without impacting host server performance.

Hitachi ShadowImage® Replication:
Optional software is available to create multiple copies of any accessible data within a Simple Modular Storage model. Hitachi TrueCopy® Extended Distance software is also available, as an option, for asynchronous remote replication between Simple Modular Storage devices at separate locations.

Simple Upgrades:
Upgrading to higher capacity or performance is straightforward with a simple and secure auto-migration feature.

Unsurpassed Interoperability:
HP-UX, IBM® AIX®, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft XP, Novell Netware, Red Hat Linux, Red Flag Linux, Suse Linux, Sun Solaris, and VMware platforms support. 146GB SAS, 300GB SAS, 500GB SATA II, or 750GB SATA II Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Green, Eco-friendly:
Cost-efficient, power-efficient, and fully compliant with Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations, which limit the use of hazardous materials in electronic equipment.
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