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Hitachi Freedom 5800

Hitachi/HDS Hitachi Freedom 5800With the growth and expansion of the Internet and the advent of e-commerce, today's workplace is becoming inundated with information. While some of this information can be discarded, a majority of it needs to be consolidated, stored, shared, and made easily available from popular computing environments. Businesses more than ever need cost-efficient ways to manage all this while ensuring unlimited access, centralized management, data protection, and business agility.

The Hitachi Freedom Storage™ 5800 makes it easy for you to meet these challenges. It offers superb and highly reliable performance, especially geared for high-throughput Microsoft® Windows NT® and UNIX® clustered environments. As a truly open solution, the 5800 delivers all the connectivity you need—twice that of competitive systems—so you spend no time worrying about incompatibilities or access problems. With such unrivaled performance and connectivity, you can provide users worldwide with unlimited access to information around the clock.

In today's competitive environment, it's critical that technology solutions be adaptable to your changing business requirements. The 5800 meets this need by providing unparalleled configuration flexibility. With the complications of storage area networks and distributed heterogeneous computing environments, you also need a way to keep on top of the entire process. The 5800 allows you to easily do that by providing customizable solutions for managing your environment from a central location.

The Hitachi Freedom 5800 fills the storage gap for clustered servers and SANs with unlimited connectivity and performance. With the 5800, you get a true end-to-end, midrange-to-distributed solution that allows your business to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. And that's what "no-limits" storage is all about.
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