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EMC Symmetrix 3000 Enterprise storage systems

EMC EMC Symmetrix 3000 Enterprise storage systemsA leading open systems storage solution

The Symmetrix 3000 series is a leading open systems storage solution, supported on a wide range of UNIX, Windows NT, and AS/400 systems. The 3000 series allows consolidation of storage from multiple heterogeneous hosts, reducing the cost and complexity of storage management. Centrally manage from 32GB to multiple terabytes of fully protected capacity across different hosts with advanced performance, capacity, and availability.

Thoroughly proven storage technology

The 5000 and 3000 series incorporate over a decade of thoroughly proven storage technology, including the powerful Enginuity storage operating environment. Both feature unsurpassed connectivity with up to 32 host or server connections including combinations of ESCON, parallel, Fibre Channel, and Ultra and FWD SCSI channels. They also support attachment to multiple mainframe and industry-standard UNIX, Windows NT, AS/400 systems, and storage network environments.

High-end performance, availability

Both the 5000 and the 3000 series feature advanced performance, with up to 16GB integrated high-speed cache, intelligent caching algorithms, state-of-the-art disks, proven microcode, and high-speed interfaces. And, they deliver continuous information availability with Disk Mirroring and remote mirroring (SRDF) to Symmetrix 8000 series systems, redundant hardware, and nondisruptive component replacement.

Easy information sharing, simple management

Optional storage management software allows co-residence of mainframe, open system, and other data formats; easy file transfers and backups, fast mainframe-to-open database loads, and frequent database refreshes. And, the Symmetrix common information management environment enables simplified backup/restore, maintenance, capacity planning, and resource allocation, and reduced training requirements.
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