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CLARiiON FC - SAN/NAS Solutions

EMC CLARiiON FC - SAN/NAS SolutionsStorage substems in the following models : CX200, CX300, CX300I, CX400, CX500, CX500I, CX600 and the CX700.

The CX300 networked storage system is the most advanced disk array in its class. The CX300 delivers more functionality, more capacity (up to 13 TB), and faster performance than last year's model - at the same low price. Optimized for cost-effective UNIX, Windows, Linux, and NetWare workgroup solutions, the CX300 scales from 5 to 60 drives.
It also delivers best-in-class performance, array-based local replication - and the same Web-based storage management interface as the rest of the CLARiiON CX series.
Give your users consistent response times. With cached performance of 680 MB per second and 50.000 I/Os per second, the CX300 offers industry-leading performance at an amazingly low price. Now you can get high-end software capabilities in an entry-level system.
The CX300 offers simple, automated Web-based management and online LUN expansion (metaLUNs) through the EMC Navisphere Management Suite; array-based local replication through SnapView; and dynamic load balancing and multi-path failover with PowerPath software.
Add low-cost ATA drives to your CX300 array. You'll reduce backup/restore from hours to seconds - and be able to keep more information online, cost-effectively. CLARiiON systems with ATA drives offer superior performance and data availability when compared to tape. And you can mix ATA with Fibre Channel drives in the same array with 100-percent software compatibility.

Start small, grow as large as you need to. Unlike any competing product, the CX300 offers data-in-place upgrades to the more powerful CX500 or CX700 systems. And your investment is protected: like the rest of the CX series, the CX300 offers consistent software capabilities among generations and non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades.

With the fantastic success of the CLARiiON FC Series, EMC have managed to supersede themselves once again with the ingenious EMC CLARiiON CX Series. With its full 2 GB Fibre Channel systems, the CX Series deliver the best-in-class performance at an affordable cost.

It does not matter if you are looking for a workgroup solution or the advanced capabilities of an enterprise-class system, the CLARiiON CX Series deliver more functionality and bandwidth than the competition.
With the one management framework, one architecture, and one set of applications, for easy, data-in-place upgrades the CLARiiON CX systems are an easy choice.

Front end(host) connectivity : One or more storage processor, each processor has one 200MB/s fiber connection wich wil be split into small form factor optical host ports that supports four FC-AL ports or two FC_SW ports.
Back End (Disk) Connectivity : Each storage processor has one or more 200 MB/s Fibre Channel Arbitraded loop.

Drive Interface : Formatted disk capacity depending on model and choices: 36GB, 73GB, 146GB and 250GB. Minnimal number of disks is 16 to get the full range of raid protection capability's.

Raid 0 data striped across 3 to 16 drives.
Raid 1 Mirrored pairs of 2 drives.
Raid 3 Independent data acces on five or nine drives(with dedicated parity disk)
Raid 5 Independent data acces on 3 to 16 drives (with striped parity)
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